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Think before you post : Boundries of Social Media Campaigning

Be sure you've addressed the most important questions before using social media to market your company or brand!

From small business owners to job seekers, social media marketing campaigns are being started every day. However, without the proper prep work, campaigns fail, brands or organizations are impacted, customers are not engaged, and money and efforts are wasted. This invaluable guide answers all the most important questions to consider before starting a marketing campaign using social media so you can avoid common pitfalls.


Facebook's multifaceted use allows people to connect and reconnect with family, friends, colleagues, and common interest groups, as well as allows businesses to develop stronger relationships with customers with real-time communication. With more than 200 million active users, and approximately 70% of its users outside of the USA, Facebook is currently the largest social networking site in the world. Facebook allows content to be shared across groups of people that are not otherwise connected. Every time a user engages with you, the activity is shared with their network.

Short Term Objectives

– Post all retailer events

– Ask the community about their thoughts on the Peninsula

– Encourage discussion about relative events or news

– Participate in dining and shopping conversations

Success Trackers

– Fans

– Likes

– Impressions

– Clicks on links


Basically a messaging tool, Twitter can be used to communicate many types of messages. On the Twitter web site, a short sentence at the top of the page reads, “What are you doing?” Tweets don't necessarily have to respond to that question, and instead often consist of more detailed content such as:

– Links to articles or media

– Personal conversations between one or more people

– News or event headlines

– Tips and tools

Retweets are tweets from users that are rebroadcast by others. This often happens when a tweet contains information that others find useful, funny, or just worth repeating. For example, if your company tweeted a news article, another user may want to rebroadcast the message in order to notify his or her own list of followers. While there are no specific guidelines regarding tweets, content should be relevant to your brand and to the image you want to portray. Tweets should also have a balance of announcement and engagement. Because Twitter is truly a conversational tool, best practices show that ensuring your stream flows two-ways helps build your brand.

Short Term Objectives

– Compile list of your company's customer Twitter users

– Promote your company's blog posts

– Communicate customer service issues from social media to support team, ensure follow-up

– Promote other social networking activities/sites through Twitter

Success Trackers

– Friends/Followers

– 2nd-order followers (follower's follower count)

– Velocity- avg. of first- and second-order followers attracted per day since the account was established

– Social Capital- influence of twitter followers

– Centralization- how much influence (reach) is invested in a small number of followers

– Pages ranking on key terms from micro-blogging sites



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